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One Enchanted Evening


Yours is a front row seat to the tragic opera that was Billie Holiday’s life; a haunting affirmation of life gone bad. You’ll find beauty in her sorrow, so much hope in her pain. In the liberty Carole takes with melodies, you’ll hear the slurs …the way Carole breaks notes. The way she bends one-syllable words. …as she sings in front or behind, you will literally hear the sound of Billie Holiday’s heart breaking! One Enchanted Evening, transports you into the pulsating land of intimacy, vulnerability and that infinitely complex thing called Love.

To her credit, Carole allows nothing to stand between her and her listeners. You can almost smell the gin on Billie’s breath… as “done-in” as she sounds in this portrayal. Dare to listen and not feel. Dare to listen and not care about what it is to be alive; to own and be aware of your feelings. Defy your heart to be exposed to this compelling performance by Carole Freeman on Billie Holiday’s life and not be touched.